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Picnic And Resort - picnic spot - paradsinga
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All the mystics of the world and all saints have declared that the immediate presence of a realized sage is one of the most potent forces in the spiritual advancement of a seeker (sadhak). Contact with them induces in us inner calm and purity, restores our sense of values, wipes out illusory allurements of the senses and turns us spiritwards with renewed vigour. Besides, when approached in the proper manner, they can enable us to realize that all saints are one in essence. That is why it is necessary for a true seeker after realization to contact several realized souls; ‘The Gurugita’ thus says, “Just as the honey-fascinated bee goes from flower to flower, so should the wisdom-fascinated person go from guru to guru”.

This is the spirit of Baba’s leela of demonstrating that he is one with all saints. That Baba approves of such an attitude is shown by the fact that whenever his devotee ardently prays for true enlightenement alone and has transcended the erroneous view that seeking the blessings of other saints is contrary to reposing faith in him, he brings him in contact with several great saints and shows that he is one with them.



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