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Why Nagpur is called Orange City By Pallavi Wankhede
Published at 26/08/2016
Nagpur is well known as Orange Capital of India. From centuries oranges are cultivated successfully & yielding high production in this region. The magic of Nagpuri santra spreads locally as well as globally. Due its excellent quality & durability, it is always on high demand in the internat..Read More
What are the mind blowing facts about Nagpur By Aditya Mate
Published at 02/09/2016
Every city has its own story of glory. But the heart of country has bundle of hidden facts. You must be aware of India's geographical centre; The Zero Mile marker is located at Nagpur.  But I would like to put/ reveal some extravagant facts which show a remarkable distinction than the other ..Read More
Is Nagpur Ready to Become a Smart City By Rashmi Mate
Published at 14/10/2016
Today I was roaming through my nearby garden to inhale some fresh air but exotic smell of runnel which flowing near to garden make me more uneasy.  That rotten smell bothers all of us even that people dump the garbage into it, emptying there bins to make their home clean & beautiful. The..Read More
Digital Nagpur Our Dream Come True Soon By Aditya Mate
Published at 15/12/2016
A vision for digital India is to make people digitally literate and create a digital society, removing disadvantages and distance. On the lines of digital India, Nagpur is also stepping forward to become digital Nagpur. The demonetization of currency pushes forward people to use more digital media ..Read More
Nagpur Smart City Mission By Aditya Mate
Published at 13/01/2017
The mission smart city rolled out the red carpet for Nagpur city. The city is transforming so speedily into the new face of development. Few dates back Nagpur completely portray different picture but as of now every Nagpurian experiencing a drastic change in the city. This Retro to Metro transforma..Read More
Problems in Nagpur City By Prakash Kadu
Published at 04/02/2017
Nagpur is transforming into Smart City.The changing infrastructure, CCTV installation, WiFi Zones, upcoming metro are some welcoming move undertaken in smart city mission. Yet some issues have been causing inconvenience to Nagpurian. The city people get exhausted due to ongoing road constructi..Read More
Amazing things in Nagpur that should not Change By Rashmi Thorat
Published at 10/02/2017
Nagpur is in transforming mood. There are certain developments happened in past few months that completely change the face of Nagpur. Now we are gradually moving towards Smart City. We moved our preference from 2G to 4G but there are certain things in Nagpur that every Nagpurian thinks that should ..Read More
Quality of Life in Nagpur By Prakash Kadu
Published at 25/02/2017
The heart of India and city of oranges is shining day by day.The pace of growth is giving city different face. Nagpur is known for the one of peaceful city and preferred by the people due its quality of life. The integration of various concepts like growing urbanisation, smart city dream, and trans..Read More
The Unique things in Nagpur By Rashmi Thorat
Published at 03/03/2017
I born and brought up in Nagpur and till now explore lots of places. Every destination has some unique facts. But people of Nagpur are just beyond your imagination. Nagpur is blessed with lots of such fascinating things. In this bunch of basket some facets are really amazing and some are strange...Read More
Fitness Clubs in Nagpur By Aditya Mate
Published at 10/03/2017
  Nagpur is rapidly transforming into urbanization. So most of the city space is capture by the industries, houses and other utilities. In this crowd, people hardly get space to do other activities. But in today’s fast and furious life, exercise is must to keep oneself healthy and fit..Read More
Sports Club in Nagpur By Aditya Mate
Published at 24/03/2017
Our last article discussed about some popular Fitness Centers in Nagpur and the services they offer like gymnasium, yoga, aerobics, zumba and many more. Getting ahead of it and to consolidate more on our fitness this time we listed out recreational and fitness activity center in Nagpur.  Let&r..Read More
Effects of Monsoon Season on Nagpur By Suraj Kamant
Published at 15/06/2018
Rain has just knocked on the door of a city. There are many things that money cannot buy & one of them is the pleasure of a rainy day. It is on such days, that you can connect to your inner child once again. The Nagpur cities enjoy a rainy season very well each & every wondered of the falli..Read More
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