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Metro Project in Nagpur

By Prakash Kadu
Published at 18/12/2018

Soon Nagpur will complete the Maha Metro project. Nagpur metro project going very rapidly & the Maha metro has proposed the acquisition of three meters of land along with existing trails on both sides of North Ambazari Road & Wardha road. Revealing this Dr. Brijesh Dixit, Managing Director, Maha-Metro, said that it would allow the proper development of trails & would provide a much-needed vent on the road against the land acquired from private individuals, an additional space index (FSI) can be provided & we have proposed the inclusion of this proposal in the development transfer policy (DdD) that, in preparation of the state government.

Metro Project in Nagpur

Really said, the half work is done. Further explaining their idea, it said that the existing trails are unusable due to the presence of utilities & that if they can be pushed further in, then we are ready to build a single identical wall that stretches in both corridors. The paths that Maha-Metro would build would fulfil their true purpose & would have no obstruction.

Nagpur Metro

When elaborating the points further, it stated that if their idea works, then people would not see any bus stop on the trails, instead, each bus stop would have an area of the bay so there is no congestion on the roads, at least on the subway routes. Additional land would be needed closer to the two-story bridge ramp since then existing road stretch might be insufficient to allow free movement of high-altitude vehicles. The work on the metro railway between Airport & Mihan has already started. Nine piers have been completed so far on N-S corridor at Wardha road. Also beginning of Via Duct work from Wardha road to munje chowk started. Even Nagpur metro undertake the construction of the portion of the second ramp of Ramjhula.

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