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How to get Relief from Summer in Nagpur

By Rashmi Thorat
Published at 23/05/2017

nagpur summer


Blazing sun and Nagpur deals special relationship. Every year it competes with its own record. The heat wave has started affecting the citizen of the Orange City. The record of 40degress already crossed in March itself and recently maximum temperature of 47.9 degree Celsius was recorded, which had been earlier recorded in 1954. Every year the people of Vidarbha losing their life because of Sunstroke. So before suffering from Dehydration, Sunburns, Heatstroke; prevent yourself from the rising temperature. Add some summer remedies into your list to get some relief from this rising Nagpur temperature.  Try some of the relief remedies to stay cool in Nagpur's summer:

•    Drink lots of water to keep oneself away from dehydration. This is the most basic thing that can be possible for everyone. But avoid drinking water just after coming from outside. Sit under a fan to cool down the body and then have water.

•    Also have some refreshing drinks like Buttermilk, fruits Fruits Juice and Coconut Water etc to keep you energetic. It helps you to regain your body minerals.



•    Try to avoid stepping outside at noon time. Even if you need to go, then wrap yourself with scarf and clothes to keep yourself covered. Either you can use some traditional remedies like keep onion with you while stepping out; don’t wear black or dark colored clothes as they absorb heat.  Wear loose and cotton clothes.



•    To keep you energetic and fresh in such dizzy and hot weather goes for an early morning walk or do exercise.

•    Take bath at least twice a day to keep germ free. Use talcum powder to feel fresh. Use handkerchief or tissue to tap sweat.

•    Don’t skip breakfast or lunch. An empty stomach can make you prone to dehydration and sunstroke.

These are some precautions that help us to keep fit and healthy in Nagpur Summer. Still, if you feel restless or dizzy then must consult to doctor. Take proper medicines and rest if you are suffering from temperature.