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Enjoy the Nightlife in Nagpur

By Prakash Kadu
Published at 21/02/2019

Nagpur is a Maharashtrian city known for its temples & other religious sites. However, the nightlife scene in Nagpur will surprise many, & in a good way. Nagpur is home to some amazing clubs and we’re not speaking about low-end ones either. No one feels out of place in the Orange City (called so because of the fruit that grows there in abundance), there are plenty of places to suit everybody’s fancy. We list out the best places to enjoy the nightlife in Nagpur.

1) 10 downing Street:

  10 downing Street

A local favourite, 10 downing street opened more than a decade ago, when trendy resto bars were few & far between in the city. Today, the club is buzzing with energy every night & is an example of just how the nightlife scene in Nagpur has evolved.
The pub plays great tracks while serving up delicious for cocktails & Mocktails. Food is mix of Indian, Chinese and continental cuisines.


2) Longitude:

If you are looking for a slightly more refined evening out, Longitude, with its sophisticated wooden interiors & warm lighting, is a great choice. The bar is famous in Nagpur for its impressive line-up of amazing cocktails, which are served in funky glasses. You’ll find a wide range of Indian & foreign spirits on the menu. There is also an impressive list of snacks & finger foods- perfection accompaniments to your drinks.

3) The Atmosphere:

The Atmosphere

The new kid on the block, the Atmosphere is an open-air pub in Nagpur that pay as much attention to providing excellent, wholesome food as it does to provide a wide range of spirits.  The food menus have local favourites as well as dishes from continental & American cuisines & regular swear by their deliciousness. Avoid going to the pub in June to September months as most of the open-air section, which is a major highlight, is closed during the monsoon period.

4) House of Beer:

House of Beer

If you are in the mood to just sit back, have a few drinks & spend quality time talking with friends or family, this relaxes, rooftop haunt is just what the doctor will order.  The pub plays light background music & is famous for its warm & welcoming ambience. For teetotallers, the mocktails here are must try- it is one of their specialities. The food is a mix of Indian & global cuisines.


5) Rhythm and Blues:

Rhythm and Blues

Rhythm & Blues is one of the best places for party. It has a great ambience & crowd and the vibe get more pumped as the evening progresses. The bar can get pretty crowded into the night so head there early if you want to save a seat.

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