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Enjoy Tempting Rainy Foods at Nagpur Eateries

By Rashmi Thorat
Published at 08/07/2017

Raining and craving for delicious food is but obvious. To respite your craving Nagpur’s street relished with hot, tangy, spicy food item. Enjoy monsoon drizzles with Lip-Smacking Food items  at Nagpur Roadside Eateries and satisfy your craving tongue and hungry tummy. Here is the list of food which especially reminded in Monsoon:

Bhutta (Corn)

The journey of monsoon delights can not be started without Corn. Rain and hot corn is a perfect treat. The buttas that roasted on charcoal and garnished with lemon, butter, and spices is the best thing to enjoy in the monsoon season.  You can spot numerous Buttavala around every corner of Nagpur with the arrival of Monsoon.  VNIT, Futala, Traffic Park etc are some famous joints of  Local Buttavalas in Nagpur.


The lip-smacking crunchy balls with yummy chutney are just magical, especially in thunder, lightning, and downpour.  Yes, the crispy moong pakodas in the monsoon is one of the most preferred snacks to calm our tangy tongue temptation.  Grab a yummy plate of hot moong pakodas at Dharampeth, Santosh Pakodewala Manewada, Telangkhedi, Medical Square etc.in Nagpur.

Samosa and Kachoris

It's all time favorite snacks for most of the people but in rains, it adds more spice. The hot and spicy Samosa – Kachoris served with chutney/curry is one of the best food items to munch on during the monsoon season. You will find many hot joints for tempting samosa in Nagpur.  Sanjays samosa at Tiranga Chowk, Pawan samosewala at Telankhedi, Rajput's at Indora Chowk, Priti Corner at Shankar Nagar, Subhash Samosa at Dharampeth are some famous corners in Nagpur.

Tarri Poha

Nagpur is incomplete without entering  tarri poha in our eateries. The mouthwatering Poha with rainshower never fails to delight you.  Imagine a hot plate of Poha garnished with lemon, tomato, tarri in cold breeze at KP ki Tapri with your buddy gang!!!


How can we forget our refreshment; a cup of tea in such cool and cloudy weather. Rain and Tea! An indivisible combination. Enjoy the spills of rain with a sip of hot tea on any tea stall to feel refresh and energetic.

Happy Monsoon!

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