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Effects of Monsoon Season on Nagpur

By Suraj Kamant
Published at 15/06/2018

Rain has just knocked on the door of a city. There are many things that money cannot buy & one of them is the pleasure of a rainy day. It is on such days, that you can connect to your inner child once again. The Nagpur cities enjoy a rainy season very well each & every wondered of the falling rain can ailing heart. Well, each drumming of rain has a profound rhythm, which you can't ignore even in your sleep. It can make you make you cry & went out from your sadness, it can make you leap for joy in happiness. That's rain, after all, the sweet tears of heaven. The smell of the soil is just when it begins to rain is not only sweet, ut bring new hope to individuals.

Monsoon Season

Even Though the monsoon has just hit the Nagpur city, but on with happiness dangerous spot have cropped up on many city roads, with accidents waiting to happen. The city experiences similar problems each year in the rainy season, but this year the problems have been compounded by the widespread infrastructure works and shoddy repairs by various agencies.

Rain in Nagpur

Nagpur received over 66-millimeter rain on this Saturday and Sunday evenings.  This led to waterlogging in a large number of potholes created due to Nagpur Metro, flyover, and cement roadworks, making them invisible to motorists. The trench filling works done by agencies that had dug up many roads were of shoddy quality in many places.  The filling material came unstuck in the first rains, creating water-filled potholes, causing traffic congestion. A huge pothole was created on Wardha road, where construction of Nagpur metro viaduct caused a part of the road to cave in. MahaMetro traffic marshals isolated the pothole with barricades but this created traffic jams.

Rain in the City

Some places have to faces problem during rainy season like Narendra Nagar railway under a bridge. A city bus & a private travels bus broke down in the water-filled RuB. The passengers had to waist high water, and move to higher ground. It was possible to see where they had been installed. However, with rainwater submerging the tiles, it is not possible to see where there is a gap between the shoulder of the road and the earth below it.

So Nagpurian What are you waiting for? Rain just knock the door of a city. Lets enjoy the rainy season with a Bang.

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