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Amazing Facts of Nagpur

By Aditya Mate
Published at 12/09/2018

Nagpur, well it is also known as Orange city. It is the 3rd largest city of Maharashtra it’s famous for Oranges. There are a lot of amazing facts which are famous in Nagpur. In Nagpur, there are almost three language spoken (Nagpurian / Nagpurkar) is Marathi, Hindi or English.

1. Railway Diamond Crossing

Railway Diamond Crossing

Diamond crossing in railway terminology is the spot where two railways lines cross not necessarily at right angles, forming the diamonds shape at the crossing point.
Nagpur has double diamond railway crossing formed by two double lines crossing each other. Nagpur is the particular point where the tracks from East to West & North to South India cross. Another very attractive fact is that the East to west line track is the main line which connects Howrah station, east of India, to Mumbai, which is the extreme end of West. Similarly, the north to south track is the main line which connects Udhampur, geographically one end of the Northern India, to Kanyakumari.

2. Airport of Nagpur

Airport of Nagpur
Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport Nagpur has the busiest Air traffic control room in India. Nagpur’s airport became the first airport in the country to receive an ISO 27000 certificate. In fact, Nagpur is not only the first in India but also the first in the world to be certified by the Air navigation service provider (ANSP). There are seven airports in the world which have ISO 27000, but none of them have it for ANSP. Nagpur is also famous for its Airport.

3. E- Vehicle in Nagpur

E- Vehicle in Nagpur

Nagpur has become the 1st city in India which has Electric taxi & E-Vehicle in it & Nagpur is famous for its large number electric cars. This Electric Taxi Fleet in Nagpur had launched on 26th May 2017. Electric mass mobility ecosystem in Nagpur will bring about transformational changes in the automotive & transportation landscape in the country.

4. Ajni Railway station

Ajni Railway station
The distance between Nagpur Central Railways Station & Ajni Station is the shortest distance between two scheduled stops at railways station in India. The distance between Nagpur Railway Station is 2.8 km. it lying in Nagpur Hyderabad line & Delhi – Chennai line. Almost every train has 2 min stop at this railway station. There are 3 platforms in this railway station & it’s situated on Hump yard road, it’s an amazing fact about Nagpur.

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